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The annual planning and prioritizing process for 2020 has been completed as of February.  The list of projects requested by the Forest Service and other affiliated organizations is under review and will be finalized by March or early April 2020.  

In the meantime some of the Aspen Team members are working on projects that are more easily accessible even though it's technically still winter.  With the current lack of snow and milder temperatures the team has decided to complete a few projects earlier than planned.

Below is a list of the outings for February.  As weather conditions remain mild, more projects will be announced throughout the spring.  Watch this space.  

Contact coordinator Dave Downes for specific information as to 2020 calendar events for the Aspen Team, 928-522-9207.



Work Needed

Friday, Feb 14

FR 237 west Kachina Village

Construct a section of log worm fencing

Saturday, Feb 22

Strawberry Crater Trail Head

Repair a section of log worm fencing

Friday, Feb 28 South end of Upper Lake Mary Rebuild a section of log worm fencing

RECENT PROJECTS COMPLETED  (see Newsletters section)

We are a diverse, motivated group of volunteers working together toward common goals. Our members come from all age groups, walks of life, and backgrounds; each member brings unique skills and abilities, yet all share the love of being outdoors protecting and enhancing our forests.


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